Informed Decisions and Advanced Care Plans: A Family Checklist

To help provide the best possible care, our staff will set up a meeting with you and the doctor to discuss your goals and expectations.  Prior to the meeting, we encourage you to read as many of the available articles listed below as possible.


  1. Clarifying your goals of care:  Goal Focused Care:  How To Choose The Most Appropriate Healthcare While In Long Term Care (LTC) ; and Making Choices – Choosing Comfort When There is no Cure.
  2. An order to Allow Natural Death – in other words, do not do CPR when the heart stops:  Allowing for Natural Death – Myth & Reality.
  3. Stopping non-beneficial drugs:  Polypharmacy.
  4. What situations would require an admission to hospital:  When To Consider “Do Not Admit To Hospital”.
  5. Feeding Tubes – is there ever a need for one?   Feeding Tubes –  Myths & Realities; and Dehydration & Starvation – Myths & Realities.
  6. Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) or HealthCare Proxy, and a Living Will or Advance Directive – are these in place and who has the legal authority to make decisions?
  7. And, you can evaluate how our facility compares to others at Medicare’s Nursing Home Compare

These handouts are essentially a guide for an Advance Care Plan:  what quality of life does your loved one want in her final years.  Discussing these things now will help avoid doing things to residents that they don’t want and thereby prevent needless suffering.

Thank you for trusting us with your loved one.