Articles dealing with drugs and other options to manage symptoms, humor, myths about dehydration and starvation, delirium,  what’s comfort.

Compassionate Physician by Darin M. Rolfe, M.D.

Compassionate physician make this right,

Help me through this one last fight.

Not that I live to see year after year,

But that I might conquer all that I fear.


Over 25% of seniors admitted to hospital will become ‘confused’:  they are restless, pick at the bedding, don’t know the date or where they are, may try to get out of bed without assistance, sleep erratically if at all, may not recognize people, may see things others don’t.



There are many misunderstandings regarding the need for food and fluids at the end-of-life.  The following information will hopefully help you make more informed choices regarding the type of care desired.