Compassionate Physician

Compassionate Physician by Darin M. Rolfe, M.D.

Compassionate physician make this right,

Help me through this one last fight.

Not that I live to see year after year,

But that I might conquer all that I fear.

Spare me from that demon Pain,

For with thy opiates it is slain.

And with your potions my breath is found,

My loved ones spared from my dying sound.

Relieve me from that swollen limb,

Squelch the fire I feel within.

Awaken the mind that wants nothing but sleep,

Remember the dignity I’m desperate to keep.

Though disease may dim my mental light,

And others despair this hopeless fight.

Be a source of compassion and strength,

Your care can’t be measured by any small length.

When time comes for me to die,

Sing me my last lullaby.

Not song of lyric, music and rhyme,

But that peace that brings sleep, one final time.

Reprinted from J. of Palliative Medicine, Nov.6, 2008

with permission of the author.

Address reprint requests to: Darin M. Rolfe, M.D.